How to Open Line the SmartBro. Just follow the procedures

Got this from the other site and i might as well post it here, so i could share this.

1. Download the file DC-Unlocker 2 Client
To Download Click Here

2. Unzip/Extract to any folder or to your desktop
Now Plug in your Smartbro modem with Globe or Sun SIM inserted on it.

3. run the dccrap.exe (eto yung unlocker cracked na rin yan  
4. Select Manufacturer = ZTE datacards
5. click "server"
6. Enter Username/Password of your choice then click "Check Login".
For me, I enter smartbro for both username and password
7. Click on the the Magnify Glass icon to search your modem model automatically.
Dont need to Select model manually.

Just wait for the modem to sync, sometimes reading the datacard is slow.

8. Once your modem has been detected, Click "Unlocking" then UNLOCK it.

You will be then prompted unlocking successful!

Now, Open your Smartbro dashboard, it takes a while to sync in the modem.

From my experiment, I use Sun sim card. Once it catches the signal, you can notice it from the dashboard, signal .::| and the network name (SUN)

Then I configured my Network Settings to Sun Internet on my dashboard.

***for APN settings meron na ring thread for this pero i'll repost na lang para hindi na rin kayo mahirapan.  

APN settings

For Smart:

Go to: Tools > Options > Profile Management > Dial-Up


Profile Name: Smart internet
Dial Number: *99#
APN: internet


Profile Name: SMARTBRO
Dial Number: *99#
APN: smartbro

go to "Advance" and choose "PAP"

then Save.
(activate your Smart sim for internet use) To activate, type 3G ON and GPRS ON send to 333, MMS ON send to 3401

To check your balance & activate Per Minute Packages*
Register at smart website:

For Globe Prepaid:

(activate your Globe Sim for Internet use) To activate, type TIME and send to 1111

Go to: Tools > Options > Profile Management > Dial-Up

Profile Name: Globe Visibility or Globe Tattoo
Dial Number: *99***1#

then Save.

For Sun Prepaid:

Only old Sun Sim will work, does already been use in phones and accessed Internet in cell phones..
If buying new Sim, use SUN WIRELESS BROADBAND Sim (SWB) available in SUN Shops (prepaid & postpaid Sim pack)

(activate your Sun Sim for Internet use) To activate, type ACTIVATE and send to 2300

Go to: Tools > Options > Profile Management > Dial-Up

Profile name: Sun Broadband
APN: minternet
Dial Number: *99#

go to "Advance" and choose "PAP"

then Save.

Ayan. I hope this would really help you all. Wala lang sana mag negosyo about this at mang abuso sa iba. If ever, sana wag ninyong tagain sa presyo yung magpapa-open. Hehehe.

Para naman pala sa globe tattoo usb modem. Hanapin nyo na lang yung PD unlocker by AED. Na-open ko yung sa akin using it.

So thank you so much PD family!


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